There’s no end to Jimmy’s talents, is there?

The blighty.



"this moment didn’t feel anachronistic, or GLAAD-approved, or even brave; it felt true. He wasn’t begging for a few scraps from the tolerance table. He was saying "This is who I am, whether or not anything happened, and whether or not you approve." […] And I don’t know that I’ve come across many scenes better than this in all my decades of watching TV and making it, too. It’s an irony of storytelling, or maybe of life, that at what would seem to be his moment of greatest powerlessness Thomas Barrow is at his most powerful, as he stands behind his life, claims it, doesn’t let it down." - (x)


Thomas Barrow: a ridiculously beautiful man.


I love how at the end of Series 2 Thomas just rehires himself and everyone’s just like: ‘wtf happened?’


- “As for a defense; what can I say I, …. I was very drawn to him and I got the impression that he felt the same way. I was wrong.”
- “It seems an odd mistake to make.”

Rob James-Collier on watching Dame Kiri Te Kanawa rehearse the opera scene.


OTP: Thomas Barrow/Sexy Smoking


“What’s important about Thomas is that he represents those people who didn’t want to go back into service. He feels he’s too good for service, that there’s more in him than waiting at table, and I don’t disagree with him. I think he is a classic case of someone who, in the nineteenth century, would have gone through the whole thing without too much trouble, but now the door is open, he thinks there’s more to life than what he was doing before the war. We know his plan will be defeated, because nobody wants to lose him from the series, but nevertheless he stands for people who had a perfectly legitimate grievance and tried to change things. Naturally, we don’t approve of his chosen route out, the black market, but we do sympathise with his desire to escape.”

Julian Fellowes, Episode 7,  Downton Abbey: The Complete Scripts Season 2


Thommy in the Xmas Special 2012

LIVE Broadcast With Downton Abbey's Rob James-Collier

In this EXCLUSIVE Act On This LIVE broadcast, Rob spoke to us about his route into acting, what he’s learnt filming the fourth season of ITV’s smash hit period drama Downton Abbey and his plans for the future – as well as answering a LIVE acting industry Twitter Q&A with members of the Act On This community.

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